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Robo Chat

Robo Chat. This is the simple trick to chat with robot within your android mobile.

In this post, we will be guiding you regarding how to chat with the robot using your android mobile.

Follow these steps step by step for Robo chat:

Open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

Do a search for ” simsimi ” app and install the app.

Grant the permissions if it is asking you any otherwise the app will not work properly.

Open the app and tap on the three dots you see on your mobile screen at the top right.

Select the language that you are familiar with and start chatting with the robot.

If you have enabled the bad words option then it will be replying to you using bad words otherwise the robot will be replying to you in a sweet way.

This is the best app and there is no other app like this available on the android play store for absolutely free.

Chat with the robot:

You may be chatting with all of your friends or relatives but have to chat with the robot before?.

If no, then this is the thing that you really need to check out once because it is very handy and available for completely free on the android play store.

It does support multiple languages so that you can choose the language whatever you are familiar with so that you can chat with the robot.

Bad words:

You can even scold the robot and enable the bad words option in the settings so that it will be also replying to you in a bad way.

You can ask anything like have you had your dinner?.

See, you will be feeling like you are chatting with your girlfriend or boyfriend by using your android mobile.

The best part over here is as it is a robot you can chat with it 24/7 any time whereas the friends will available only when they have got the free time to chat with you.

If you have not experienced chatting with a robot till now then what are you waiting for?.

Just pick up your android mobile go to the play store and install the app and try it out once because you need to try everything in your life for once right?.

This app is very user-friendly and very handy to use whenever you got bored.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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