Root Android Mobile

Root Android Mobile With Just One Click

Root Android Mobile

Root Android Mobile. This is the simple method to root your android mobile with just one click.

In this post, we will be guiding you to root android mobile with just one click.

This is the best and easy method. Don’t go with the flashing TWRP recovery mode method you may brick your device if you don’t know what to do exactly.

Follow these steps step by step to root android mobile:

Firstly, open the play storeĀ and do a search for the root checker app and install it.

After that, open the app and click on the verify root to check your mobile is rooted or not.

Here is an interesting article to know more about your mobile phone.

If not rooted, go to the settings of your mobile, go to About phone and tap the build number 7 times.

It will be showing you the message ” you are now a developer “.

After that, go to the additional settings and click on developer options.

Similarly, here is how you can also enable developer mode in Windows 10.

To enable the developer options and also enable the USB debugging mode so that when you connect your PC and mobile the computer has to detect your mobile right ?.

You are ok with mobile settings, now you need to make changes to the computer.

Software To Root Android :

Open the browser and do a search for ” tunesgo ” software in the google search engine.

Do follow the very first link and download the free version.

It shows you both free and paid versions not to worry-free version also works great.

Install the software and connect both the device’s computer and mobile with USB.

After that, your mobile will display on your computer screen if you have correctly enabled the developer options, USB debugging mode and installed the USB drivers of your android mobile on your system.

Click on the toolbox option you see on the software and click on the one-click root option.

It will be warning you that you will lose your mobile warranty, not to worry you can again unroot your mobile anytime by following another process.

Click on continue and you can see the rooting starts and it may take several minutes, not to disconnect your mobile whatsoever if you do so your mobile will be bricked.

Finally, you will see the message “ Root is successful on your mobile “.

Root android mobile:

You may be heard of the benefits of rooting android mobile.

So, do the rooting process which is explained above step by step because your device will be completely safe if you follow the above process.

Here is how you can apply boot animation for android rooted devices.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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