Safety Scan For Mobile

Safety Scan For Mobile

Safety Scan For Mobile

Are you an android user ?? You are using your android mobile for a very long time. Installed a lot of apps in your phone storage ?? Copied images, songs, and movies from one folder to another ?? This process of copying and pasting makes your mobile slower.

Frustrated with storage space running out error in notification panel ??.

Here is how you can save the storage space on android for free within seconds !.

Over time, there will be a bunch of useless files and folders occupy storage space on your android mobile.

This trick will get you out of all these problems and makes your mobile perform faster like a new one.

Check out this interesting article: Here is how you can increase the performance of old android mobile for free !.

Want to save your mobile and keep it updated ?? then this is the post for you.

However, here is how you can turn off auto-updates on android to save some storage space as well as mobile data.

Procedure To Safety Scan For Mobile :

Today I will be showing you how to check whether your mobile is safe or not using an app.

Firstly, open the play store and do a search for safe in the search bar.

Secondly, do install the app and open the application.

However, you can skip the instructions or read them one by one using the next button.

After you click on the finish button it will start to analyze your mobile apps as well as your mobile condition.

After that, this app will calculate your safe score and display it on your mobile screen.

However, this app suggests that the score should be at least 3 percent.

Therefore, you have to change your settings to increase your device score.

Swipe up to change the settings.

You can change the score of your operating system and its vulnerabilities using this app.

You can increase the configuration score by tapping on the red icons.

and following the steps to change the settings as mentioned in it on your device.

This will increase your device’s safe score. Make sure you increase it to 3 to keep your device protected.

However, keep your device score always high to fix the overheating issue of mobile.

This is how you can make your mobile safer using this safe app.

Here is how you can clean all the waste files in your android.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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