Send 5000 SMS Using WhatsApp

Send 5000 SMS Using WhatsApp

Send 5000 SMS Using WhatsApp

Send 5000 SMS Using WhatsApp. This is the simple trick to send bulk SMS on Whatsapp and you can even block your friend from accessing Whatsapp for some time if you send 5000 SMS all at once.

In this post, we will be guiding you through how to send 5000 SMS using WhatsApp on your android mobile.

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Follow these steps step by step to send 5000 SMS using WhatsApp:

Firstly, open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

Secondly, do a search for the message bomber app and install it. It is very small in size of just less than 2 MB.

After that, open the app and enter the message that you want to send in the blank text field.

Select the limit the minimum will be 100 and the maximum will be 5001 messages.

Do select the number and then click on the process.

After the process is done click on the copy button to copy the message to the clipboard.

Now open the WhatsApp and select the friend that you want to send the message for.

In the message, area paste the copied text and click on send your friend will not be able to access his WhatsApp for some time.

He will be blocked to use WhatsApp for some time when he tries to open it the WhatsApp will be showing the error message as a popup stating that crash error.

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WhatsApp bulk message sender:

Prank with all of your friends by sending 5000 SMS to all your friends.

They will not be able to access their WhatsApp anymore for some time.

If you want to send bulk SMS to all of your friends then this is the best method that you can follow.

Whatsapp is the most useful app and top-performing app in the android play store which is available for completely free.

It has users all over the world.

When a person installs any app in an android mobile he or she the first preference always goes to the WhatsApp.

So now you can prank and joke with all your friends by following the above steps.

Whatsapp is for everyone and is available for free all over the world.

By using this app you can chat and meet new friends who are available around your location.

You can create groups and broadcast with all your best friends using your android mobile.

All you need an internet connection. You can even make video and audio calls using your WhatsApp.

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