Send Encrypted Messages

Send Encrypted Messages

Send Encrypted Messages

Encryption is needed to save your information from someone else. And to protect your data from stealing.

Technology has increased these days and this thing like encryption and decryption can also be done with our android mobile within minutes.

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Procedure To Send Encrypted Messages :

Today I will be showing you how to send a secret message that is in encrypted form to anyone using your android mobile.

Open the play store and do a search for decrypto app.

This app is available for completely free on the play store and works on almost all of the android devices.

Install this application and open the app.

After that, now click on the encrypt option and select any code that you like from the code list.

Type the message now and click on the encrypt button to convert your message into code.

You can now select all the text you have converted and copy it or directly share it to anyone using WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, etc.

In addition, you can also decrypt the message you have sent to your friend using this app.

The receiver who receives the code also needs this decryto application to decrypt the message you have sent.

Similarly, now click on the decrypt option, select the code from the code list and paste the code in the message box.

Click on the decrypt button to see the message.

However, you have to select the same code from the list which you have selected before encrypting the message.

In conclusion, select the same code as a medium while encrypting and decrypting the message using this app.

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Watch the above video for full procedure

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