Slow Internet Connection

Slow Internet Connection

Slow Internet Connection

Ever Felt so frustrated with the slow internet ?? then this is the post for you.

This post will help you fix the slow internet on your windows 10 operating system within seconds.

You don’t have to be a pro user to find the exact issue and fix it on your Windows 10 computer.

However, the Windows 10 operating system is very easy to use the operating systems.

These days the internet is a common thing and widely available to almost all of the people around the world.

Here is how you can download windows 10 full version for free and if you don’t have a DVD drive then here is how you can install windows operating system in your computer using a USB.

People use this internet to surf movies, music, information, etc.

However, the slow internet makes us feel disappointed.

If the problem is from your network service provider then we can’t do much about it but if it is problem from your side i.e your windows computer then you can fix this within a few clicks by going to your settings panel.

Fix Slow Internet Connection :

Firstly, today I will be showing you how to fix the internet connection on your Windows 10 computer.

Secondly, click on the windows 10 available at lower-left corner of your desktop.

After that, go to the settings panel and click on Update & security.

Coming to security ” Here is how you can apply smart lock for your windows 10 for free ! “.

You don’t need to install any third-party software for this all you have to enable a feature in windows 10.

Now click on the troubleshoot menu to find the internet connections and run the troubleshooter.

However, this will detect the issue of your internet connection.

We have got a shortcut for this as well.

Just right click on the wifi icon or computer icon you see in the taskbar.

Now click on the troubleshoot problems and this will fix the issue.

You can also reset your wifi router once and this will definitely fix the issue.

We got an alternative method for this slow connection as well.

Here is how you can increase the internet speed on windows 10 for completely free !.

Above all, if you are still facing connection error then you have to contact your network service provider.

Here is how you can boost the performance of windows 10 computers for free !.

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Watch the above video for full procedure

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