Smart Lock For Windows 10

Smart Lock For Windows 10

Smart Lock For Windows 10

Who doesn’t like smart lock ?? and that too for windows operating system.

You can now become a pro user of windows 10 by applying this new feature in your windows 10 operating system.

You can apply this feature on windows 10 to protect your information and lock your device so that no one can access your computer without your permission.

This feature has recently rolled out in the form of an update for windows 10 users.

So, make sure you stay up to date with all the windows 10 updates.

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Smart Lock For Windows 10 :

Today I will be showing you how to protect your files and information from someone else.

This is one of the best features available on Windows 10 operating systems.

Firstly, click on the windows icon you see at lower-left corner of your desktop and go to the settings panel.

After that, in the search bar do a search for dynamic lock and go to its settings.

Now tick mark the option of allowing windows to lock your device automatically when you are away.

This feature will not work until you turn on your Bluetooth.

Go to the Bluetooth and other devices page and turn on the Bluetooth.

Now pair up your mobile device to your laptop or computer.

This feature will automatically lock your device when you are out of Bluetooth range.

So no one accesses your computer without your permission and this feature is applicable for all the windows 10 users.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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