Split Screen In MAC Using Browser Extension | Best Chrome Plugin

Are you a Mac book user ???. Want to split screen in your MAC ??. Don’t know how to do it ?.

If yes, then this post will definitely help you to split your screen in MAC using a browser extension for free.

This is the best chrome plugin. So, you have to use a chrome browser on your mac book if you like to split your browser tabs to do multi-tasking.

If you don’t have a chrome browser installed on your MAC then you can get it free online within seconds.

Note: If you want to do it manually without installing the chrome browser then use the Split View option in mac book.

Go to Apple menu > System Preferences, click Mission Control, and then make sure that “Displays have separate Spaces” is selected.

After that, you can drag both the windows or tabs appear on your mac book screen as you like.

So, if you want to multi-task by splitting the browser tabs while browsing then follow the below process.

Open your browser and do a search for google chrome in the search bar.

Visit the website and then download the browser to your mac book. Make sure you download it from the official chrome website.

Process To Split Screen In MAC Using Browser Extension :

Today I will be showing you how to use four google chrome tabs all at once on your computer screen.

If you want to read, edit and create stuff online all at the same time then this trick will definitely help you.

Firstly, open your chrome browser and go to the web store.

Secondly, search for tab resizes extension in the search bar.

This plugin will help you to split your screen with just one click.

This will also increase the productivity of your work if you use it properly.

After that, click on the add to the chrome button and add an extension to add this plugin to your chrome browser.

A part of its file will be downloaded and then added to your chrome browser as an extension.

You can see the plugin installed here.

Click on it and then click I understand button.

These are all the keyboard shortcut keys that you can use to resize your tab.

After that, click on the let’s go button.

From here you can select the layout as you like.

I am showing you the 2×2 layout.

For example, I can use google, Facebook, Gmail all at the same time using this layout.

You can also use this process to split screen in MAC using the chrome browser.

You can also use two tabs at a time.

Above all, This is the best chrome plugin to split screen in MAC if you don’t have a secondary monitor.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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Can You Split Screen On iPad?

Yes, most iPad apps now support split screen.

What Are Browser Extension?

Browser extensions extend your browser with additional features and integrate your browser with other services.

Are Chrome Extensions Safe?

Yes, if you install them only from the official Chrome web store.

Where Are Chrome Extensions Stored?

Extensions will be stored in your primary hard drive after installation i.e C drive for most computers.

How Create a Chrome Extension?

You can create chrome extension using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

What Font Chrome Extension?

You can change the font of any website or web page using a font extension. Font changer with google web fonts is the best chrome plugin.

Google Chrome Extension Download?

You can download google chrome extensions using the web store option in the chrome browser.

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