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Translate Whatsapp Message To Any Language

Translate Whatsapp Message To Any Language

Translate Whatsapp Message To Any Language

Ever struggled to understand a new language in your mobile ???

Chat with new friends in their own language using a simple app in your android mobile now.

Check out this whatsapp new feature : Here is how you can convert whatsapp voice to text within seconds for free on android.

This method is completely free and above all it works pretty well on any android device.

But make sure you follow the same steps mentioned in this post to make your work easy.

Procedure To Translate Whatsapp Message To Any Language :

Today i will be showing you how to translate whatsapp text message to any other language in android.

Open the play store and do a search for hi translate app and install this application.

This app works flawlessly and super fast in terms of translating the text in seconds.

Now open the app and grant all the permissions from your settings panel.

Because this app will overlay on other apps. So it is mandatory to allow all the permissions.

However, some devices won’t allow you to enable the permissions for this app.

Turn on the hi translate by going to the accessibility section of your settings panel manually.

This app won’t work if you don’t grant all the permissions.

Turn on this feature now and select your language in my language section.

Select the language, which you want to translate in the foreign language section.

After that open the whatsapp message which you want to translate.

Take this translate widget and release it on the text which you want to translate.

So, This widget is very helpful in translating any language to your language within seconds.

Similarly, this widget works on browser and other apps as well. You can even translate the copied notes from any blog or website using this app.

Here are some of the android browser tips and tricks. We also covered some UC browser tips and tricks for UC browser users.

So you can now translate any language to your language within seconds using this app.

Make sure to check out our latest posts of android on our androidtricks homepage.

Watch above video for full procedure
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