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Windows 10 Health Check


Are you a Windows user ???. Running Windows 10 operating system ??. Want to know how to perform Windows 10 health check ?.

If yes, then this post will definitely help you to know how to perform Windows 10 health check for free without installing any software in your operating system.

Windows 10 Health Check Process :

Today i will be showing you how to check the complete Windows 10 health report of your computer or laptop.

Firstly, this applies to only windows 10 users.

Secondly, search for reliability in the search bar and click on the view reliability history.

After that, this will display report on your screen.

Here you can see the errors by clicking on them.

As you can see this is from the browser. It has stopped working.

And the next one is windows explorer.

If you see these type of errors daily in this report then i recommend you to backup your important data.

If it happens once in a while then its ok, your system is performing well.

This is how you can check the health report of your computer and backup your important data if you see so many errors.

Check Battery Health Windows 10 :

If you want to check the battery health of your windows laptop or computer then do follow the steps below :

Click on the search bar of your windows 10.


Search for defender in the search bar and then open the Windows defender security center app.


This will open Windows defender app on your screen. After that, click on the love symbol you see in the Windows defender app.


You will be taken to device performance & health section.


Under this health report category. You will see these options :

  • Storage capacity
  • Device driver
  • Battery life
  • Apps and software

If you see any type of issues then you can fix them by just a single click as a administrator.

Always check this health report section of Windows defender because you will know what are problems in your system and you can fix them immediately.

Best Free Antivirus For Windows 10 Users :

If you are a Windows 10 user then you might be aware of this Windows defender.

Windows defender works flawlessly. You don’t need a paid antivirus if you are a user who just use the system normally i.e browsing the internet, watching movies etc.

You don’t need a paid antivirus for that. But if you are a user who downloads a lot of stuff from online then you definitely need a paid antivirus on your system.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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