YouTube Channel Subscribers Live Count Widget

How To Check Your YouTube Channel Subscribers Live Count In Your Mobile

YouTube Channel Subscribers Live Count Widget

YouTube Channel Subscribers Live Count Widget. This is the simple trick to enable YouTube channel subscribers to live count on your android mobile.

Especially if you are a video creator working as a YouTuber then this is a very useful trick to you.

No need of visiting YouTube and logging into your YouTube account daily, you will be watching your live subscriber count on your mobile home screen itself if you follow this method.

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Follow these steps step by step to enable YouTube channel subscribers live count widget:

Firstly, adding subscriber live count to your mobile home screen is very easy now.

Secondly, open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

After that, do a search forĀ real time subscriber count app and do install.

See after installing the app nothing happens actually, you need to tap and hold your mobile home screen to go to the widgets section.

Now in the widgets section, you will get to see the subscriber widget just click on it.

It will open a new window on your mobile in which you need to search for your YouTube channel.

After that, do select your channel name and click on the add widget button.

Now on your mobile home screen, the widget will be showing your YouTube channel live subscriber count.

However, the widget will be refreshing once every 5 seconds so not to worry about you will get the latest liveĀ count of your YouTube channel subscribers numbering.

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YouTube live count widget on mobile:

This is the best method to track all the subscriber numbering that you have got for your YouTube channel.

Especially if you want to grow on YouTube then keeping an eye on your subscriber’s count is very important.

Well, there are many other options available on the market but this one is very easy and handy that you can check for your YouTube subscriber count within your android mobile with a single tap.

However, the app refreshes itself once every five seconds so you don’t need to visit the YouTube channel, again and again, using your laptop or desktop.

This widget is especially very handy and lite in size when compared to all other apps available on the play store.

Live count YouTube channel is very important for those fellow YouTubers who are growing their channel.

You can adjust the widget anywhere on your mobile home screen by just holding it and dragging a little bit.

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