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YouTube Go App

YouTube Go App. This is the superb app especially if you are a limited data user then you have to definitely check this out.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to use the officially announced and released YouTube go app on your Android mobile.

It has got many more features in it.

Follow these steps step by step to know more about YouTube go app:

Open the Play Store that is available on your Android mobile.

Do a search for ” YouTube go ” app and install the app on your mobile.

Open the app after installing it.

This app won’t be asking you more permissions but grant the permissions whatever it may be asking you otherwise the app will not work properly.

After opening the app you need to select the language and enter your mobile number for the verification process.

The OTP will be sent to your mobile number and it will automatically verify your mobile number.

This app looks similar to YouTube but when you tap on any video you will see the screenshots of that particular video and it will be asking you to select the quality.

It also shows you the size of the file beside quality so that you can easily choose the correct file according to your mobile data as well as storage space available on your Android mobile.

This app provides you two options like playing the video or saves the video to your mobile gallery.

You can choose the option that you like within the app.

If you are a limited data user then you can go with the basic quality of the video.

You can select the standard quality. Click on the Save button to save the videos in the saved section of the app.

You can also see these videos saved in your mobile gallery.

This app provides two options in the saved section that is to send and receive options.

Best for limited data users:

These are the best options provided in the app by using which you can send and receive the saved videos with your friends.

If you are a limited data user then you can share or exchange the saved videos with your friends.

The speed of the download completely depends on the speed of your connection.

You can keep all the downloads and make this app run in the background with the slow Internet connection as well.

The best part is you can place all the downloads at night before you go to sleep.

You can see all the videos in your mobile gallery in the morning while you wake up.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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